The Wolf and The Woman

Within the world of peotry there are many wonderful metaphors and concepts that have been created. However, probably the most beautiful of them all is the comparison of the wolf and the woman. Often times woman are reffered to as wolves because of their fierce and free-spirited charcteristics. Below are some very juicy peoms from in which the woman and the wolf are protrayed. Sit back and ENJOY!

#1: The Wolf by: Stacey Mailhiot

A howl is heard
in the dead of night
a shadow seen
on the hill
between the trees
a pair of golden eyes
strikes fear into the hearts
of those who trespass
in his territory.
This beast is
the beautiful wolf

One mind, One body

#2: Wolf by:Shazz Manji

A young she wolf is born
Scorched fur of molten lava and heated coal
Flames consume her path
She leaves a soot trail
Ember eyes shine the spark of life
The animal instinct to hunt
And so she will hunt
Through the hell that surrounds her
The hell she creates
A paradise of flames
“The Fire in this Wolf lives”

David Guetta ft Sia "She Wolf" from Hiro Murai on Vimeo.

#3: The Girl Cried Wolf, but Nobody Came by:Amber DeLaRosa

The girl cried, "Wolf!"
But nobody came.
So the girl cried, "Wolf!"
Again, and again.
Into the dark, into the flame
She met with the wolf
Again, and again.
She ran, and she ran
But they stood still the same
The girl cried, "Wolf!"
And nobody came.

#4: Wolf by:Jessie

Let me trade in my smile for fangs
And my feminine fingers for paws.
Let me trade in my manicured nails for claws
And my curly locks for silver fur.
Let me trade my heart shaped mouth for a long snout
And the freckles on my nose for whiskers.
Let me trade my curves for a round, bushy tail
And my clumsiness for strength and agility.
Let me trade my tears for whimpers and barks
And my voice for howls in the night.
Let me trade my dinner reservations for hunting down a moose
And my poor senses for keen ears and a nose.
Let me trade my soul for a different one
And become a friend to the moon.
Let me live my life as a wolf
And all that it encompasses.
Let me symbolize the dawn and the dusk
And let me symbolize the converging of light and darkness.
Because that is wolf,
And that is what I see, when I look in the mirror.

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